Religious Education

As a Church of England school St Mary’s values are underpinned by spirituality, founded in the Christian virtues of faith, hope and love. We believe that good learning creates opportunity and enriches lives.

The RE curriculum therefore forms an important part of our school’s spiritual, moral and social teaching. Our free school RE curriculum is based on Herefordshire’s Agreed Syllabus and it meets all the requirements set out in the 1996 Education Act that states that an Agreed Syllabus must reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, whilst taking account of the teachings and practices of other principal religions represented in Great Britain.

Our RE curriculum allows children to see the similarities within the major religions and make connections. At St Mary’s we follow the main Christian Festivals and also embrace festivals from other religions. We recognise that within classes, there is a wide range of abilities and experiences, learning opportunities are therefore differentiated to match the needs of all children. Where possible, teaching will be supplemented with trips to places of worship, activities within our church and community, and visits from people from religious communities.