School Houses

At St Mary’s CE Primary, we have a strong sense of belonging to our school and towards each other. We have several achievement awards that can be earned throughout the children’s time here. Upon arrival every child is placed into his or her own house. We have four houses and they are named after common local trees, and attached to them is a specific colour:

  • Ash – Blue
  • Beech – Yellow
  • Elm – Green
  • Oak – Red

Houses allow us to develop a sense of camaraderie and loyalty within the school. Our pupils compete against each other on the sporting field every summer on sports day. Throughout the course of the academic year house points can be earned by individuals through merit and hard work, and weekly the George Bray cup is presented adorned with the coloured ribbons of the winning house.

The Millennium Cup

Over the course of the year, all house points are totalled up and the Millennium Cup is awarded to the house with the most points.

In addition the name of the pupil with the most individual house points is also engraved onto the Millennium cup.

The John Spackman Trophy

In July, our four houses compete on the sports field for the John Spackman Sports Trophy.

The John Gerrish Achievement Shield

At the end of the academic year the John Gerrish Achievement Shield is awarded to an individual Year 6 pupil, one who has contributed most to the school during their primary education.

Current Holders

Diamond Jubilee House Point Cup: Beech House

Current individual winner: Joy

John Spackman Sports Trophy: Beech House

Interhouse Football Tankard: Oak House

John Gerrish Achievement Shield: George & Michal, joint holders