At St Mary’s CE Primary music is at our heart! From assembly time hymn singing to solo performances at our church events, we are proud to offer a wide variety of musical experiences to our children. It is our intention for music to be an enjoyable part of the school day and we encourage our children to participate in the variety of musical experiences we can offer whether they wish to listen, create or perform.

During school hours we have an active guitar club which regularly practices for assemblies, and we can offer private piano lessons. Our students also have the opportunity to learn the clarinet, saxophone, penny whistle and ukulele. KS1 students are encouraged to sing songs and listen to live and recorded music, in KS2 we encourage solo performances and delve into understanding the history of music including that of the great composers. In addition we will take every opportunity to embrace music culture and have trips to the Birmingham Orchestra, and invite musicians in for greater musical experiences for the children.