Our aim at St Mary’s is to encourage curiosity and a passion to learn though our vision of ‘living, loving and learning together’, mathematics is one of our key areas where we actively encourage our children’s natural curiosity and discuss visual patterns early on, enabling them to develop a wide range of problem-solving skills which can be applied across our curriculum. Our mathematics curriculum offers many experiences, and uses many tools to show a development of mathematical understanding. This is vital from early years pattern finding, sorting and exploration of numbers to moving up the key stages towards reasoning and explanations of complex processes. We make use of tools such as Froggy Maths to practice and secure timetables, ensuring a fluency in arithmetic and embedding of knowledge, we encourage games and regular mathematics homework to help with learning. Progress is monitored by Lead Teachers allowing interventions and support if needed. Summative assessment occurs at three checkpoints throughout the year and all assessments are placed on Scholarpack so tracking of pupils and class year groups can be monitored.

Froggy Maths Sheets