Vision, Mission, Ethos and Aims

At St Mary’s CE Primary School our ethos is to respond to the ways in which young children learn. We provide opportunities to learn through both play and exploration. Children are naturally curious, interested in the people around them and their surroundings. Our aim is to build on these foundations and nurture the needs of each individual child to fulfil their potential. Our expectation of our children is extremely high and we are incredibly proud of our school and its heritage.

At St Mary’s we offer a diverse curriculum, which is broad, balanced, rich and deep. It builds and develops vocabulary, knowledge and skills whatever the starting point. Our curriculum and our school is underpinned by our vision that all children should be treated “as unique children of God, wonderfully made, dearly loved and precious” PSALM 139. Our children are guided and nurtured throughout their time at St Mary’s to achieve their full potential.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is underpinned by the Christian virtues of faith, hope and love; we will achieve our vision by ‘living, loving and learning together’.

Living Together

We provide an environment for each individual to become a confident, a giving and a responsible member of the community.

Loving Together

We encourage forgiveness, trust and acceptance of every person. We celebrate the diversity of our school and community, and encourage respect for God, others, the environment, the world and ourselves.

Learning Together

We share high expectations, encourage aspiration, communicate and collaborate. We nurture our children to become creative and independent learners.

Our Aims

Our school vision is achieved through our aims:

  • Provide an inspirational curriculum in a caring, family style environment with a Christian ethos.
  • Create a safe, secure and stimulating environment to promote the development of resilient, motivated and independent learning.
  • Help our children understand the rights and responsibilities of individuals living in Britain today, guided by the Christian ethos of love, kindness and compassion.
  • Promote Christian values and provide opportunities to worship God and celebrate Christianity whilst recognising the diversity of our families and local community.
  • Achieve excellence in all we do.
  • Prepare children for their future lives in a complex and rapidly changing world.
  • Appreciate the contribution of our children, parents, carers, governors, church and community in the life of our school.