At St Mary’s, in addition to the principal and teaching staff, there are two bodies responsible for the management of our school; the Board of Trustees and the Governing Body.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees set the strategic direction of the school and attend to the business administration (employer, legal and financial aspects). The proprietor of the school is a company limited by guarantee (registration number 7745424).

The Governing Body

The Board of Governors act as a management board and are responsible for the operational direction of the school rather than to manage day-to-day, that responsibility lies with the principal and staff. The Board of Governors will include parent, foundation (church), staff and community governors.

Governing is at the heart of St Mary’s, and our governors bring together many skills and experiences to their roles. The governors are responsible for how the school is performing, and are to ensure high standards of achievement are being met, and to make sure the school provides a good quality of education. Governors core responsibilities include:

  • establishing strategic direction
  • ensuring accountability
  • overseeing financial performance

St Mary’s Board of Members

Mrs Madeline Spinks
Chairperson Independent Member

Mr Geoffrey Herdman
Independent Member

Mrs Jane Voogd
Independent Member

The Rev. Michael Keen
Trustee of the School Building

To contact the board of members please use the email address and it will be forwarded on to the appropriate person.

St Mary’s Board of Governors

Mrs Laura Scrivens
Chairperson, Parent Governor

Rev. Matthew Burns
Vice Chair, Foundation Governor

Mr Alfie Baker
Parent Governor

Mrs Jane Clarke
Community Governor

Mrs Gillian Colman
Parent Governor

Mr Peter Kyles
Principal, ex officio

Mrs Sally Kyles
Foundation Governor

Mrs Louise Lewis
Community Governor

Mr Steve Thomas
Community Governor

Mrs Phillippa Heath
Clerk to the Governors

To contact the chair of governors please use the email address and it will be forwarded on.

If you require copies of the minutes of the Governing Body meetings please contact Mrs Phillippa Heath, Clerk to the Governors via the school office.