Online Safety

At school we take online safety very seriously, as such our web content is heavily filtered to protect our users. Digital wellbeing plays an important ongoing role in PHSE lessons throughout the curriculum.

We are concerned that some children may inadvertently access inappropriate online images and materials. This is a friendly reminder to be extra vigilant in monitoring your child’s online behaviour; please ensure your parental controls are set to block inappropriate content and any online games played are age appropriate.

Online Safety Resources for Parents

As our children are growing up in a world of evolving technology, although largely positive, we cannot ignore the risks that may be associated with this. Below are a list of links and resources that you may find helpful on how to keep your children safe online, and to help you and your family navigate the digital world responsibly.

These sites have advice to help you learn about staying safe online as a family from step-by-step guides on setting up parental controls, to advice on playing online games safely, and the use of other internet connected devices. Remember that staying vigilant and having open communication with your children is key in ensuring their online safety.

If you require help or further advice about online safety you are welcome to discuss matters with a member of staff, or the NSPCC has trained councillors that can be contacted on: 0808 800 5000

We hope you find this information useful and thank you for your support.