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Principal’s Corner

It is Happy Birthday to the school that opened on this site in October 1845. Mr. John Deane and his wife, Sarah, were master and mistress. The school was referred to as Dilwyn Charity School or the Lambe’s school. In the Victorian days the children worked on the farms collecting in the harvest. Owing to the current situation our celebrations have been put on hold.
COVID 19 has also caused many problems, in particular in the Infants where it’s a critical time for children learning to read. I am pleased to report that Mrs Kyles & Mrs Goad are on the case and with your help at home the gaps in pupil learning are being closed.
Meanwhile the Lower Juniors current topic is the Stone Age and they recently visited the ‘Mammoth’ expedition at Craven Arms where they threw spears, hunted wild animals and made cave paintings. Much fun was had and much history learnt.
In RE the Juniors have been learning about Islam and can be seen in the picture on ZOOM asking Kate, who is a Muslim, questions about her faith and traditions. They are also studying the Tudors and how their adventures established Britain across the world as a major trading nation.
Harvest Festival is an important Christian Festival which we celebrated this year in school. The children learn about how lucky we all are compared to others. Many thanks for your contributions that were gratefully received by the Leominster Food bank.

The Pandemic has meant that Carols on the Green and our Nativity have had to be cancelled. We still hope to arrange Christmas Lunch and Party. I must thank parents for their distancing and patience, particularly at the end of the school day. We don’t mind some parents coming a little later so we can space out pickups. We know from the news that the pandemic will get worse in the winter so please be on your guard and we will all endeavour to keep your children safe and learning.


Swimming is still a casualty of the times we are in, however we hope Leominster Pool will open its doors to schools in the near future. They are talking about after half term so fingers crossed.
Mike will continue Sports Club on Mondays & Thurs-days and Mrs Hoare & Mrs Pudge will take some of the younger children in the Hall

Dates for the Diary
Monday 26th –30th October - Half Term
Wednesday 11th November—Remembrance & Children in Need
Friday 18th December — End of Term Service